Falling Free by Tina Wainscott (Book Review)

Falling Free: A Falling Fast Novel  
Book Title: Falling Free
Series: Falling Fast
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Tina Wainscott
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Book Overview

Ever since she was a teenager, Grace Parnell has had one ambition: to prove her father’s innocence and overturn his prison sentence. That drive led her to become a tough, compassionate lawyer—until the case hits a heartbreaking end. Now Grace is adrift, with no idea how to rebuild her life. It’s certainly not the time to fall in love. But from the moment she meets Artemis Tanner, their instant connection is undeniable.

A motor-sports pioneer, Tanner has come to this little coastal town for the racetrack—but he’s staying for Grace. Even though the standoffish attorney seems determined to stay out of reach, Tanner doesn’t need a law degree to tell that their attraction is very, very mutual. As her visits to the track become more frequent, and as Tanner learns more about Grace’s troubled family, he starts to pry open the tiny cracks in her controlled demeanor. Hidden beneath, there’s an incredible passion waiting to be set free.

My Review

How actually devastating everything went for Grace? After doing everything she could to be the best lawyer she can be, after dwelling too much on her inspiration to become the best she was then handed an unacceptable truth. I kind of liked how Grace changed after learning her facts. She's then sent herself out there and find out what she really want. I imagine this kind of thing happens for most people. I don't mean that they experience what Grace went through but the 'soul-searching' phase. After serving time with the only thing you know, you are to wake up one day and find that you don't even know yourself or what you can do.

If Tanner wasn't persistent and determined I don't think he and Grace will ever really get too far. I find him cute and I find his actions kind of sweet towards Grace. Being a person who doesn't stay in one place for long gets boring by time. What both characters have felt delicate or maybe it's just Grace but I felt like if they don't put themselves in the relationship they could only get too far and in the middle of the road one of them is bound to be left behind.

I absolutely loved the book. It has given me actual life lessons and now that I think about it, maybe being focused on one thing is too much. Maybe we all should try exploring. In all aspects in life.