(BRT) Tangled Up In You by A.L. Vincent

Tangled Up In You (Fleur de Lis #1)  
Book Title: Tangled Up In You
Series: Fleur de Lis 1
Genre: Adult Romance
Author: A.L. Vincent

Book Overview

Emily Breaux’s abusive, alcoholic husband keeps drinking away her dreams…

When he cleans out their bank account once too often, Emily packs her meager belongings and returns to her hometown of Bon Chance, Louisiana. Surrounded by the love and support of a group of old friends—collectively known as The Boonies—she’s determined to change her life and open her own catering company.

Contractor Noah Devereaux wants to help Emily rebuild more than just her family home…

Noah is an Iraq war veteran and fighting his own battle with PTSD, and he feels he has little to offer anyone. His nightmares and panic attacks leave him exhausted and on edge, yet he can’t help but find solace in Emily’s quiet presence.

Everyone has dreams, but it takes more than a wish to make them come true…

Emily struggles night and day to scrape together the money to start her business, but this doesn’t stop her friendship with Noah from blooming into something much more. He’s always there to cheer her on, and she’s his bit of tranquility for untangling his troubled mind.

It turns out starting over isn’t easy. Was coming back to Bon Chance a horrible mistake, a sign of failing to make it in the larger world?

But all her friends have returned as well, so maybe—just maybe—having the courage to go back to the beginning will prove the ingredients for a life of love and happiness have been waiting here all along…

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

Before I start my official take on the book, I would love to announce that this one is a PG and I loved it. And Everyone can read it. It was like a breath of fresh air and away from all the hot stuff that I have been reading the previous weeks. Also, this is my first book from the A.L. and I must say that it wasn't bad but it wasn't so great either.

Emily and Noah is like a borderline sweet and confusing kind of couple. I mean, I don't even know when they started their relationship as a couple. All I know is that they were best friends before but then years later they were just friends. It was a long read, at least that was how it felt, but really there was not much to it.

What sealed the deal for me to give this book a 3.5 stars is the fact that in the 200+ pages of this there was no mention of what was really the reason why Noah is having this PTSD. I mean, they may be some times that they talked about it but there was no full contact with it. They spoke about it but Emily did not engaged well and I was very curious about Noah. I wanted to know him more cause I feel like everything was all about Emily. He was mysterious from the start until the end and that didn't sit well with me. I like to read about the characters and thinking about Noah is still black and white for me. Also, I didn't really dig the slowness of everything that had happened in this book. I like the way it was written and how detailed it was but, yeah 3.5 stars is the rating that I see fit for this.

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