(BRT) Scared of Exposure by Jacqueline Abrahams

Scared of Exposure (Scared #3)  
Book Title: Scared of Exposure
Series: Scared 3
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Author: Jacqueline Abrahams

Book/Movie Overview

There are fairy tales, you know the ones, which end in happily ever after. Where the princess rides off into the sunset safely pinned to a majestic white horse by her gallant knight. Yes, there are fairy tales.

And then there's us.

New York is my fresh start, my third in as many years. A fresh start; with no assholes in my near future. That's right, you guessed it, two in as many years, assholes that left me with a very strict aversion to romance.

Then I met a guy, a guy who would force me to stay, not to run. A guy who I first encountered fucking someone else in a hallway. He was everything I wanted, and everything I didn't. He was beautiful, and beautifully frightening. And I was the princess that would mend his scars, erase them one by one, until he was whole again. Or so I thought.

Yes, ours is a fairy tale, but not one that you might expect...

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

I enjoyed it. Two very broken and very sensitive persons too afraid to explore what they could be together because they were both too hurt and too damaged for each other.

Reading this makes me think of ice cream and Drama movies. Mirelle's, interesting name btw, life has been scary and very movie like. It takes a strong person to stand back up and held their head high after some tragic events they experienced. She's a really strong character which I liked and seems very much a match for the hero. Chayse is mourning. A while after the tragic accident he's still in deep dark hole he put himself into. He's the weak one in book if you asked me. It makes it all the more obvious that He and Mirelle should be together.

I did not, however, liked how things turned out. It was all so good and cute but then the conflict came and I just, I am not really a fan of it. If things turned out differently I think I won't hesitate to rate this book more.

I did not read the previous installments in the series, not yet, which makes this my first book from Jacqueline and I'm not disappointed! ones.


“So here we are,” I say. “In the same setting as the one where I fell in love with you. And this time, if you tell me to let you go, I will. No questions asked. I will fucking die on the inside, but I promised to kill anyone that ever hurt you, and if that anyone is me, then I’ll deserve it.”

Mirelle looks up at me for the first time since I arrived. Her eyes shine in the afternoon sun, tears glistening at their corners. “I dream of you, every night. I miss you too, every day. It’s like there’s a piece of me mourning you—and us—every fucking day. And I can’t get past it. I tried, Chayse. My God, why are you so goddamn perfect for me?”

I raise a hand to wipe the tears that fall from her eyes. “I’m not perfect. I’m insanely in love with you. I desperately need you. I completely want you. I’m hopelessly exposed. So I’m desperate, insane, and exposed—but not perfect.”

“I’ll never really be happy anywhere else. You’ve ruined me for mankind,” she laughs.

“Good,” I laugh back, enjoying the sound of her happiness. “I don’t like the idea of the rest of mankind getting anywhere near you.”

“How about you?” she teases. “Do you like the idea of getting anywhere near me?”

“Not yet,” I say with feigned seriousness. “First, we get back to basics.”

“What?” Mirelle questions me, confused.

Holding out a hand, I introduce myself. “My name is Chayse. I’m a youth counselor. I live in a walk up in Brooklyn. I have a prison record. I’m an orphan. I like sunsets and the Maldives and fucking outdoors.”

Mirelle laughs and turns to face me. “Okay, I’ll play. My name is Mirelle. I am a graphic designer. I live in a multi-million dollar apartment in almost the center of New York. I’m a Sagittarius, and an orphan. I also like the Maldives, and I’m not opposed to fucking outdoors.”

Mirelle moves to kneel in between my outstretched legs. “There’s only one problem,” I reply softly.

She looks at me curiously.

“See, I fell for this girl about a year ago, and I can’t get her out of my mind. I mean, if I could, I would love her and live inside of her for the rest of my life.”

“She sounds special,” Mirelle breathes.

“She is. She’s undoubtedly the love of my life. The only person in the world my dick goes hard for. It’s a shame, really,” I tease.

She swats at me before I pull her in, laying us both on the warm sand, my body covering hers, lips seconds away from making contact.

“So I forgot to mention earlier that I’m also scarred and damaged, and reckless when it comes to her,” I say gently.

“She knows,” Mirelle replies. “She knows everything that you are. And believe me, she loves you, too.” With a strength I didn’t know she had, Mirelle flips us over and straddles me.

“I don’t see a problem,” she grins. “Everything about you seems to be working fine.” She knows that the rock solid hard-on grazing her thighs has missed her, too.

Our lips meet in the slowest of kisses, searching and exploring the other, remembering that they have finally found their way home. My hands fist her hair, as hers grip the back of my neck. Our mouths are now fused together greedily, like a hunt for blessed oxygen.

“I knew this would happen,” she says quietly.

“What?” I ask, playing with a strand of her hair. Such a simple thing to do, but something that I had missed so much.
“I knew that the minute I saw you, there would nothing I could do to stay away from you.”

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