(BRT) Even Rhythm by S. Moose

Even Rhythm (The Offbeat Series)  
Book Title: Even Rhythm
Series: The Offbeat Series #2
Genre: New Adult/Coming of Age
Author: S Moose

Book Overview

Sometimes all that you can do is move on...

Even when you're not ready.

Even when you're forced into it.

After being thousands of miles apart, neither one can deny the love that is still in their hearts. But sometimes, people don't see what's right in front them, and refuse to fight for what they want, even when it's worth fighting for.

When life-altering circumstances finally thrust them back together and the truth comes barreling forth, they are forced to confront the truth--a truth so shattering that it might just be the beginning of the end all over again.

Love can get rocky and uncertain--downright hard at times. It's a hard lesson to learn, but a lesson we all have to learn in the end.

Can these two lost and grief-stricken souls find a way to smooth out the jagged edges and reach an easy, even rhythm?

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

They both matured alright! Tyler and Bayleigh has been through a lot of tough times in the previous book and on this one they continue to have the lines blurred for them. I was holding a bit of anger towards Bayleigh though. I mean, she held what she was feeling from Tyler and I was sweating my effing palms for her to spit it out already but I do understand her reservations.

For Tyler I am still not over what he did even he was regretting it daily. I mean, in the Offbeat he was really caring and so in love with Bayleigh and I don't know, I just think he went too far and deserves to grovel but yeah, I get why they easily fall back to their old ways.

I did enjoy their story and I loved how it ended. From sweetness down to romance I don't think I'd want to change anything! Definitely worth it!

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