5 Stars
Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! This is where I spill my guts out because I love the book so much and I can't get over it. It will always be on my favorites list and will have 85% chance that I will read the book again. Basically, the book is precious. Hallelujah praise the Lord and the author for the book. I could never stop gushing about this at least for about, well, until I read another amazing book.Worth It!

4 Stars
This is my most commonly used rating. I mean, goodreads is about to block me because this is my rating almost on every book that I read. This means that I enjoyed the book and it has a 40% chance that I will reread it again. Books that I rate with four stars are the books that have potential to even get a five stars rating from someone else. It doesn't mean that the book is not perfect or great, it just means for me that it will be one of those books that could really only hold entertainment just for the time being.

3 Stars
Okay, this I rarely used. This is like my way of saying that there are really times that the book was somehow okay but I wasn't feeling it, I skipped some parts and I don't think I'll recommend this to most of my friends. It needs more development and more editing.

2 Stars
I don't believe I've used this rating before or if I have, I hope to God that I won't ever ever use it again. Let's simply put that the books under this rating sucks. It does not worth any time, or place, or moment, or penny. It never held my attention and I did not finish it. Basically, the book is just, not worth it, let's be real here.

OTHER Ratings:

4.5 Stars

3.5 Stars

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