Aussie: A Bad Boy Second Chance Romance by Kate Dawes & Ava Catori Book Review

Aussie: A Bad Boy Second Chance Romance  
Book Title: Aussie: A Bad Boy Second Chance Romance
Genre: Romance
Author: Kate Dawes & Ava Catori

Book Overview

Cocky. Sexy. That's how everyone described Luke.

His beach-perfect body and rugged Australian accent made him the envy of everyone who knew him. Guys wanted to be like him, girls wanted to be with him.

He lived with us after he lost his parents. We bonded in ways I never expected, but Luke kept his distance for reasons I never understood.

Sometimes I hated him, especially when he got himself into trouble and vanished. I never knew what became of him. My parents wouldn't allow it. They said he was dangerous...

Seven years later, we've collided once again.His cockiness matured into a more subdued, strong confidence. He may still have that dark side, but I'm drawn to him more than I ever was, and this time he's not pushing me away.

Secrets have a way of coming to light, and when the truth about what happened back then is revealed, nothing will be the same.

My Review

This is like a lust out of nowhere after not seeing your friend for so long. Okay so maybe there was that scene where they saw each other again after years without really recognizing each other. 

I thought the story went really well, like, the flow was really smooth and there wasn't too much drama even though I thought the heroine was acting off after the conflict. I actually expected some big and explosive conflict but either way I was satisfied with how the book went. The characters were good, they were portrayed well but I'm just not really partial with the heroine. I didn't really connect much to her like I did with the hero because I kind of think sometimes her actions aren't very mature and off but, I did find both characters fit for each other.