Come Back Announcement


Ola Bae's! 

It has been forever since I have posted on this blog (Forever = Five long months). I've been back from the United States, specifically New York, for a whole month now but I still haven't fixed my life yet. I mean, I am still on that high-of-the-city-lights phase. Since the trip happened over the summer, which I could not believe happened so fast as if I just blinked, I went and got a full on experience without even worrying about anything.

New York City was perfect. I do not regret not leaving it. Most of my friends from school who went on a USA trip with me experienced a quarter of America. Basically, they did a state hopping adventure while I was left in New York. Again, I do not regret not leaving New York for another state. for 3 months I just experience the city, I just experience the busy phase and I found out that I loved it. If you guys don't know this yet, I'm just going to confess that I a freakishly obsessed with New York since I was 5 years old. I do not remember loving a city so much than NY even before I went and got crazy in the city. Now that I experienced it, I could not imagine loving another city like New York no more. I just felt like I fit there.

I liked the busy phase, I liked the city lights (who would not?), I liked Brooklyn and the place I lived in, which was in Brighton beach, I liked that I got to work on a fast food chain with the coolest people and I liked how I felt like I was in the city where people see me and I see them but it just seems like they overlook me. You guys get me? or nah? It's like I was living and it felt like I was me, independent and seeing things on a new angle. I was on a New York State adventure and all they see is just someone like them, someone who is busy.

Going to New York or to any other place for that matter from the Philippines is difficult. I went through a half year of processing just to get there and it all paid off. I planned on rehashing everything that has happened to me in the City here on my blog but I think it is kind of irrelevant or you guys will not be as interested in it as I expect you to be so I decided to forget about rehashing it. If ever you do want to hear about it just say it on the comment box below. ;)

So now that I am back and now that I am slightly on the verge of moving on from my summer get away, I planned on posting reviews again and I planned on signing up for a lot of great books for the remaining of the year 2016. I have read like, more than 20 books since I have been home but I haven't really got around making reviews for them so I might try do that. Also, I have decided to change things up for the blog and just focus on reviewing and posting random things that really matters (for me that is).

On that note, I am so excited to be back on posting and I am so excited for what is about to come for the 'BER' months.