(BRT) Sparks Fly by Bella Cruise

Sparks Fly  
Book Title: SPARKS FLY
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Bella Cruise

Book/Movie Overview

When Ginny Austen left home, she took her big dreams and her broken heart with her. She needed to escape her small town, but most of all, she needed to escape Luke Porter. Her first love, and her first heartbreak.

But when a new job sends Ginny right back to where she started, the past she tried so desperately to leave behind reappears in the form of broad-shouldered, smart-mouthed hunk, Luke who is impossible to resist and determined to make up for lost time. He still plays a mean game of pool and is super skilled between the sheets, but this new and improved Luke is ambitious, successful, and hiding pain of his own.

** Sparks Fly was previously published as Beach Wedding, and contains all new, additional material. **

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

I was not expecting the whole drama that went on all over the book. However, I did expect that I will love the story. Ginny and Luke's present are something I was really looking forward to but, there were so many things going on that I felt like they didn't have that many moments.

Celebrity wedding was the only thing that made her need to come back to her home town. Ginny, I don't know how to describe her. She left town because she didn't want to get stuck. I get that. But after a decade she comes back and she actually expected so much to happen with her and Luke's relationship when she knows that what she did was hard to get over. I admire her bravery though. She went and opened herself again for Luke when she could clearly see a lot of risk. Honestly, every time Luke connects something that is happening in their present to their past my heart breaks for Ginny. It was like, I was the one who gets tears while she was really strong on holding her feelings back.

I really thought it was Luke who had made a huge mistake in their past that caused Ginny to move away. In a hindsight he was but in all honesty, he was also just protecting his heart like Ginny. I was proud of him and of what he made for himself. At one point I may have said, take that Ginny.

I loved the romance, it's the whole chaos in the book that I did not like, too many characters that don't really need much mentioning. The aftermath was something to look forward to though. I liked how everything didn't work out at first, it literally broke my heart cause I expected everything to go well but then it was all romantic and full of love. ♥
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