(BRT) Solving Us by Susan Renee

Solving Us  
Book Title: Solving Us
Genre: Romance
Author: Susan Renee
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Book/Movie Overview

Twenty four year old Olivia is trapped in her own life, struggling to escape the painful scars of her past. Moving in with her best friend and old college roommate, Olivia seeks a life of independence, happiness, and love. Above all she desperately seeks a life not defined by her physical appearance.

Finn's world collapses with one shattering phone call. Seven years later, though successful in the family business, he still struggles with guilt, depression, and an unwavering need to protect what’s important to him.

A serendipitous encounter could quite possibly change both of their lives, but what happens when they find out that they both have broken souls and what happens when the ugly pieces of each other are exposed?

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

I liked the book. From the moment they started seeing each other to the time they were facing challenges that threatens their relationship, I thought they were both amazing and strong. Both of them experienced a tragic past but still, only the two of them made each other came out of their shells and be open, again.

For a debut novel, I thought this book was very well written, both characters were easily likable and it was so easy to connect with them because they are both relatable. Also, this book made me cry, swoon and smile. The pairing was just brilliant plus their love and understanding for each other is inspiring that I can't help but think if this was real life, their relationship would not only be worth envying for but also it would be as strong as a thick rope.

So yeah, I really liked it, I hope I get to read more from the author and 4 stars for this!