(BRT) Carnal Beginnings by Reily Garrett

Carnal Beginnings  
Book Title: Carnal Beginnings
Genre: Erotic Romance
Author: Reily Garrett

Book Overview

Adara’s enigmatic and sexy boss asks her a simple question. “How are you going to celebrate your twenty-first birthday?” Sounds innocent enough, until he suggests she go to Ambrosia, the infamous BDSM club. To volunteer for scars and bruises is not on her to-do list. Yet when Julien invades her personal space, her body goes into panic mode and fails to respond appropriately. Since her adoptive parents died six years ago, she’s endured horrific tortures at the hands of her sadistic and perverted uncle and cousin. 

Her long-awaited birthday, and inheritance, are days away. She longs for and plans to escape.

Julien Crofton is an ex-Special Forces private investigator. Since hiring Adara six months ago, her subtle signs of ongoing abuse have tied him in knots. And not the good kind. Time and again, he’s encouraged her to open up and talk to him. After disastrous results in a previous case where a client refused his help, he’s determined history won’t repeat itself. Surely he could help her and keep his heart intact. The fact she’s as beautiful as sin should have no bearing on his intent to teach her to not fear men. When he resorts to an underhanded tactic to crack her invisible suit of armor, he’s unprepared for the tidal wave of lust and protectiveness that swamps him.

Even while evading her family and an unknown psychopathic stalker, passion ignites. In progressive increments, Julien kindles her spark of infatuation into a raging inferno. Can Adara learn that perhaps not all men are evil and maybe…whips can be fun?

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

This book has brought out a lot of emotions inside me. When I first saw the book and read its description I was like, this should be good then I received an ARC and I was like, can I really read this? Can I take it?
And while I was already on it I was like reading it for a marathon. I don't know if I was excited to get to the final end of the book or it's because I was so intrigued by it that I just can't stop myself wanting to know more. Know more, ASAP.

Adara has had a harsh life, brutal if I must say. She has experienced some things that a girl shouldn't even be experiencing at a young age. Let's be honest, no one deserves to be abused, being abused all your life you will either have a pity party or come out stronger than you were when you finally get out of that hell of a life. I'd say Adara is in the middle of both. And she was naïve at some points of the book. Back to the experience that she has, anyone in their right mind would want to lean on someone they feel safe with and I think that's how Adara started to feel for Julien. She didn't give in that easily but it was a relieved for me when everything got out in the open. Thanks Julien.

Julien being a P.I. he is interested in everything that is so close to something doubtful. That and he's infatuated by Adara. Curiosity and concern on Julien's side is what made them start a spark. What started as an innocent question ended with a scorching and unforgettable love.

The BDSM was great. I think it was very much realistic and very very entertaining on my part but the twists. The twists were absolutely mind blowing, it was like here and there, and it just keeps going and going, and things just got a little bit more and more interesting and I love it. I love a good book with great plots. On top of that this book was written perfectly. Honestly, this is a debute? You wouldn't even know.

Why not 5 stars? I would have given it five stars but, I'm not gonna lie, while everything turned out great there were some parts that I actually said 'meh'.