(BRT) Fairytale Lost by L.A. Hendricks

Fairytale Lost (Queen City #1)  
Book Title: Fairytale Lost
Series: Queen City 1
Genre: Romance
Author: L.A. Hendricks
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Book Overview

Emmalyn Chase has a six month expiration date with men. She's out celebrating the loss of her latest boyfriend with her friends when she runs into Lukas Upton, the old flame that broke her heart into a million pieces. Her mind threatens to fall back into the dark place it created when he left.

Despite Em and Lukas' best intentions, fate has decided their fairytale isn't over. Unfortunately, life has a habit of getting in the way. While Em battles depression and her conflicting feelings for Lukas, Lukas struggles against his history of unreliability and indecision.

As Em and Lukas seek to redefine their romance, they find out how hard it can be to hold on to true love.

My Review

I thought the individuality of each characters was great but when they are mixed together they make a perfect cake.

"ARC provided for an Honest Review"

This second chance fairytale was not exactly what I expected. Can I just say I was entirely shocked when I started reading the book because it was really not what I would've wanted to read but I just wanted to get to the end of it so I read it anyway. The heartbreak was max for me. Even before I reached the middle part, I could already feel my heart breaking. Literally.

As I follow thought the book there were some parts where I feel like Emmalyn and Lukas' relationship was really hard not to feel for. The only problem though is that each POV is really really hard to understand. I wanted to emphatise each character and really dig deeper but I just couldn't. I really liked the story line and I think this book aced that part.

I read this in one sitting and all I could say is that L.A Hendricks still got me, I just had a hard time on some parts is all.