XX Large kind

I have just watched Magic Mike XXL(this has nothing to do with the topic of this blog post but,) and I was disappointed by the end of it. I always thought the first one ended pretty good so now that I've seen the second one I thought it was better if they didn't produce a series of it because the expectation is high and when that expectation is not met its just not worth it and disappointing. I just wanted that Mirror Scene which I saw a trailer on Facebook but I ended up watching the whole movie because, what do you know? It was the last scene.

Photo taken from thedogwallpaper.com

Q: What kind of pet would I want to have?

People have been going around and buying pets lately and just recently, I had a friend who bought a new puppy and I was so jealous because I can't have one. It's not a forever kind of thing though(that is why I'm not really stressing about this). It's just because my mom is asthmatic and she could not be around dogs for too long without sneezing. That is the main reason why I do not have a pet. Yet.

I have mentioned Dogs because that is what I want to have and I just want a dog or two. I strongly believe that dogs are stress relievers and that they are good for humans. Not that cats and any other animals are not good for the humans but, there is just something about dogs that makes humans go 'awe'.

St. Bernard

No, I do not want puppies I want the big and XX Large kind of dogs. The kind of dogs where when it stands, it is taller than me. I do not want a puppy mainly because I don't think it could protect me (of course I consider this and of course I know its judgemental and a discrimination to dogs). I always imagined myself owning a Husky or a Malamute or a St. Bernard and there was also a time I wanted a golden retriever and a Dane because these kind of dogs are what I need. I'm an only child and ever since I could remember it has always been just me and my mom that is why I feel like when I buy a dog it has to be something that can protect me and is fit for me. Security and pleasure.

My mom doesn't agree with me though. She said if ever we get a dog, she'd want a puppy or any small dogs. She doesn't have anything against big dogs but she did say big dogs costs a fortune to feed. She wants those dogs that would no longer grow like shitzu and I'm like no, we are not getting that. I know I'm getting a dog when I'm finally stable and I'm sure I'm getting a huge one because that is all I need in life. I think.

Alaskan Malamute

Also, if you're wondering what I'd call my very first dog, I'd always thought if I get a girl she'd be "Violet" but if I get a boy he'd be "Matt". Those names are just what I prefer now, I just don't know what I'll think about it when the dog is finally in front of me. I have a feeling I'd ended up not naming my dogs those because, you know what they say 'You'll know it's name the moment you met it.' Yes, I understand that these dogs requires a the cold whether and I'm will seriously be working on that.

PS: I made a change of plans in the blog posting schedule I'm going to be Posting random things on Tuesdays and Fridays and I'll be posting Book Reviews on Tuesdays.