First Stop...

Fridays usually means no class for us and this particular Friday Day(what?) there is very less things to do. I only went to sign-up and register to finally be able to vote this up coming election but, other than that there is absolutely nothing fun to do this day so, I went on to pinterest and tumblr to entertain myself.

As I was scrolling to Pinterest I found this photo

Eguisheim, Alsace France

and I Fell in Love. Literally!

When I was younger, I think 10 or 11, I started becoming more and more addicted to the different places around the world and the very thing that fascinated me was, of course, The City of (Big) Dreams / The City that Never Sleeps, New York and then followed by my addiction to the whole America. I was set on stepping my two freakishly big foot in America so much that I almost forgot the very teeny tiny detail that I saw on the movie 'High School Musical' and that is Troy Bolton has got Blue Eyes. I did not know people posses different eye color so I ask my mom about it and she said that is what American eye looks like and she said so does British guys and other nationalities, it is not only America. Just to tell you guys, at this age I was already aware of the different continents and countries around the globe so I was not shocked by the fact that there is this place and that, the only thing I was not aware of is the eye color. Cause lets face it, come here in the Philippines and you'll see why I did not know this particular detail.

Now back to the story. I did my research about the different countries, its people and their language and I was overly satisfied by what I learned so I said I'll visit this place and that place soon. Come Junior High we were thought about this Europian Histories and I fell in love with it and I was like, I will visit these places with ancient buildings and old bricks (like England) and I will make sure this happens sooner. I think around that time or later I also watched the movie Hansel & Gretel and there I was again mind blown by the bricks and houses that I thought only existed in cartoons. That is when I started really falling in love with Europe so if given the chance, I'd explore more Europe first before America but I think it'll be costly so, maybe America before Europe or whatever really, whatever I decide in the future and depending on my budget. I'll get there eventually. Now, I am close to graduating college and to my dismay I still haven't traveled anywhere close to cities as beautiful as the photos I've seen online.  But I worry no more cause pretty much a year or so after I graduate I will make sure somethings on my travel list will be checked.

Santorini Greece

Just to let you guys know, I love to travel but I have not actually done it in real life. I always wanted to be a traveler and every time I am out and see these people which are obviously backpackers I always tell myself I wanted to be like that. Not to be a back packer but to be in different places and you know, explore. And this is what I love about tumblr & pinterest, they help me travel through different places without me spending too much.


Where Do I Really Want to Travel First? New York will be my very first stop. New York has always been my dream since I was 5 years old. I don't know if that's because it was the only place I was told was really beautiful or it's because it's what people say is a pretty famous city but to whatever reason, I was always drawn to New York. I have never left my country but if I did go somewhere I will make sure I'll stop by NYC before I come back home. I just really love all the city lights and the buildings and the environment. All these New York based movies made me even want to be in the City more and I wouldn't even be ashamed if I cried when I get there cause, That is my biggest dream ya'll. Nothing can stop me from crying if ever I achieve that.

How About you? Where Do You want to travel?

This is what I wore today on my way to my voters registration appointment. I was really feeling the brown vibe as you can see and well, I thought I wasn't really into the brown combination thing so I thought I'd give it a try.