Sweet Tricks: A Love Bites Novella by Maggie Dallen Book Review

Sweet Tricks: A Love Bites Novella  
Book Title: Sweet Tricks: A Love Bites Novella
Genre: Romance
Author: Maggie Dallen

Book Overview

Tabitha and her friends are ready for a change--they're fresh out of college and ready for a new start, which means saying goodbye to their bad habits when it comes to men. For Tabitha that means swearing off bad boys once and for all. But that's easier said than done when she finds herself sharing an apartment with Jack, the bad boy to end all bad boys. Jack has an annoying tendency to come to her rescue, make her laugh, and give her kisses that leave her begging for more. As if their instant attraction doesn't make staying away hard enough, why does her new bad boy have to be so good?

My Review

It's blind feelings that allows you to move in with someone whom you know is not known to be the forever kind but repeating the same mistake twice? You're very gullible then. And if that record still makes you trust yourself, then your more pathetic than everyone else.

I though the story was just plain cute and was a good at-the-moment read. It didn't held my attention much but it did entertain me at times when I needed a book to continue reading for a short time.