Falling Slowly by Shirl Rickman ARC Review

Falling Slowly (Falling Novella Series #1)  
Book Title: Falling Slowly
Series: Falling Novella Series 1 
Genre: Contemporary/NA
Author: Shirl Rickman
Published: October 6, 2016
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Book Overview

Plain. Scattered. Klutzy. Naïve.
These are just a few ways people describe pretty but ordinary Rosie Fisher, and she’s okay with that. With her dull, mundane—sometimes messy—life.
It suits her.
Or so she thought…
Laid-back. Playboy. Charming.
These are just a few ways people describe handsome and charismatic Drew Nallen; he thrives on attention—especially from women—but likes his orderly, controlled life.
It suits him just fine.
Rosie. Drew. One accidental encounter and these two opposites are sharing more than a new friendship. They strike a life-changing deal, and what happens next?
It surprises them both

A silence lingers between us. He studies me, his eyes never leaving my face.

“Are you sure? No strings. No commitment,” he states. The tone of his voice is telling me he wants to be firm in the stipulations of this arrangement I’m asking him to enter into with me.

Nodding, I repeat his words, “No strings. No commitments.”

Drew gives me a slight nod and abruptly stands, holding his hand out to me.

As I take it, he jerks me up and into his embrace. I want to look around to see if anyone is watching us, but I can’t take my eyes from his, and for one brief second, his gaze searches mine. Before I know what is happening, his lips are firmly against mine, coaxing my tight mouth to soften, and they do so without much effort. Drew Nallen is kissing me in the middle of the bar, and I’m kissing him back. I can feel his warmth. His control. I can feel my surrender, and it feels better than I could’ve imagined. Although intense, the kiss is short.

Drew pulls back, and when I open my eyes, he’s staring at me with a surprised haze clouding his regard, then, as usual, his dimple appears on one side, and my insides melt.

“I’m sorry, but I think the pleasure of this situation is going to be all mine,” I apologize.

His happy expression leaves his face. Shaking his head, Drew quietly scolds, “Lesson number one: never apologize or criticize yourself. It’s the first rule of being more confident.” Drew lifts one hand from my waist and places it lightly under my chin, shifting my gaze up to his. “Also, I fear your view on your capabilities is utterly skewed. I might be the one who will need to work harder on my pleasure skills.”

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

Another Cliffhanger this week? I am not sure if this is October's way of saying that I must not get too excited for the month or it's just me, missing all the signs and putting myself on the verge of anticipation. Whatever it is, I'm not liking my situation. I feel like I could cry right now because of all the books that left me high and dry this whole week. Oh, no. Make that two.

This book is probably the shortest one that I've read this year. I finished it in like, less than an hour. I have read some books with the same storylines as this before, the only difference? The others were all an HEA until the end. I was so excited when I was almost near the end cause the main purpose of Rosie was to be confident, bold and be wanted and she has all of that now, the only thing that we are waiting on is for Drew to catch up. And when he finally does? I just died. Why? Why was I already done with the book?

I applaud Rose's drive to be wanted as more, I liked the way she wanted to change because she knows that it will make her desirable but that's just not what a woman should do, she shouldn't change. Also, the fact that I didn't feel much of Drew's feelings and the fact that he seemed closed off kind of made me confused. Yes there were signs but, I think even if Rosie didn't let Drew go I wouldn't approve of them to be together yet. The has to be connection and so far, Drew hasn't really communicated that he wants more. Maybe he's just protrayed as denial or something else but, yeah.


Shirl Rickman is a writer, a dreamer, and an optimist. A small town Texas girl currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Shirl adores her husband, daughter, and two crazy dogs. When she's not dreaming up new love stories, Shirl can be found reading, drinking her favorite coffee, Kona Blend with coconut milk. She loves kindness, laughing and meeting her readers.

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