(BRT) One More Night With You by Lisa Marie Perry

One More Night with You  
Book Title: One More Night With You
Series: The Blue Dynasty 5
Genre: Romance
Author: Lisa Marie Perry
Purchase: AMAZON

Book Overview

Loving him is a dangerous job…

Former DEA agent Josephine de la Peña loved Zaf Ahmadi once—and she's got the bullet scar to prove it. No wonder she holds a grudge against her hacker ex. But now, just as Joey's preparing for a new job with the Las Vegas Slayers, Zaf reappears, insisting she's in danger. The sexual pull between them is still as intense, and liable to hurt more than any gunshot.

Even if Joey could forgive him for the botched drug bust that got her injured, Zaf can't forgive himself. Obsessively hunting for the criminals who killed his cousin warped his judgment. To protect Joey, he suggests he pose as her boyfriend. As long as he can keep emotional distance, he can keep her safe. Until the case presents him with a choice: pursue the vengeance he craves—or try to turn one smoldering night into so much more…

My Review

I am so happy I picked this book up. It was written really well and the characters were perfect for me. It was a great mixture of Mystery and Romance with a little Suspense on the side. At the first chapter I knew I'd love the book and it was, unsurprisingly, the exact thing that happened.

I haven't read any book from the author but this one really did hit me. Second Chance romance this good is what keeps me living. Honestly. I'd recommend this to those who loves Danger together with Romance.
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