(BRT) One More Night With You by Lisa Marie Perry

One More Night with You  
Book Title: One More Night With You
Series: The Blue Dynasty 5
Genre: Romance
Author: Lisa Marie Perry
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Book Overview

Loving him is a dangerous job…

Former DEA agent Josephine de la Peña loved Zaf Ahmadi once—and she's got the bullet scar to prove it. No wonder she holds a grudge against her hacker ex. But now, just as Joey's preparing for a new job with the Las Vegas Slayers, Zaf reappears, insisting she's in danger. The sexual pull between them is still as intense, and liable to hurt more than any gunshot.

Even if Joey could forgive him for the botched drug bust that got her injured, Zaf can't forgive himself. Obsessively hunting for the criminals who killed his cousin warped his judgment. To protect Joey, he suggests he pose as her boyfriend. As long as he can keep emotional distance, he can keep her safe. Until the case presents him with a choice: pursue the vengeance he craves—or try to turn one smoldering night into so much more…

My Review

I am so happy I picked this book up. It was written really well and the characters were perfect for me. It was a great mixture of Mystery and Romance with a little Suspense on the side. At the first chapter I knew I'd love the book and it was, unsurprisingly, the exact thing that happened.

I haven't read any book from the author but this one really did hit me. Second Chance romance this good is what keeps me living. Honestly. I'd recommend this to those who loves Danger together with Romance.
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(BRT) A Woman's Worth by Audra North

A Woman's Worth  
Book Title: A Woman’s Worth
Series: Close Quarters Book 1
Genre: Erotic Romance
Author: Audra North

Book Overview

Chantal Jones is going through a rough patch. A divorced single mother to two demanding boys, she’s constantly putting the needs of others before her own. She’s exhausted, and the only thing that fuels her fantasies these days is her sexy, off-limits boss, Ronan Nakata.

Ronan has definitely noticed how attractive Chantal is, but he’s her employer and their relationship has to remain strictly professional. Besides, he isn’t looking for anything serious and the last thing he wants to do is get emotionally involved.

But when a chance encounter in the company elevator leaves them both strung tight and wanting, taking it to the next level is seemingly inevitable. In such close quarters, will they be able to get their attraction out of their systems without losing their hearts?

My Review

I thought the book was okay. Given the fact that I wasn't expecting much aside from an intense moments and cute story, I could say the read wasn't bad nor was it great.

I did not like how I knew less of who Ronan and that Chantal's thoughts were all over the place. There were also some things I considered unnecessary for the whole plot. I thought the book would give me something before it ends but even the ending didn't made me happy cause it remained just that, an ending. Nothing explosive or something that made me love the book. Exept, their bedroom activities. I liked that part and that made me want to finish the book.

I have not read any from the author before but I wouldn't say I won't try and read other books from her. It was good and yeah, well done to those girls who finally recognizes how precious they are and that they deserve more.

Chantal Jones was tired.

Work had eaten her up today. By the time she’d arrived at the elementary school to pick up Luke and Owen from their afterschool program, it had taken every last ounce of her control to keep from screaming when the instructor complained that her children had been shooting spitballs at the ceiling.

Their afterschool teacher had pursed his mouth and stared at her chest as he told her, “They will not be allowed to return to my classroom until I see a formal written apology for their behavior, Mrs. Jones.”

She’d had to fight the urge to punch him in the neck. Not because she thought he was lying about her kids. Chantal didn’t doubt her boys had been acting up. Ever since the divorce, they’d been behaving this way. But a writtenapology? This guy was the one who should be writing an apology to her. Making her boys write an apology meant more time out of her day, supervising their work, when she could have just as effectively dealt with their behavior by taking away a week of screen time.

Besides, the guy was a sleazy asshole who’d been ogling her breasts since the first day, and sometimes he liked to stand too close so his chest brushed hers. It made her cringe just to think of it.

Except this was the only program that offered care until six thirty, and even then she was sometimes late to pick them up. Even if she could manage the five o’clock pickup time for all the other programs, they were already two months into the semester. Too late to transfer the boys into another class, and they were too young to be at home alone.

Their teacher had her pinned to the proverbial wall and he knew it. Liked it, no doubt.

It made her feel even more alone and exhausted. The scolding she’d given the kids on the car ride home was weak. She was simply too tired, and they’d ignored her.

She pulled into the drive and parked the car, then glanced in the rearview mirror. “Remember to take your—”

Bang! Bang!

Both back doors slammed shut.

They’d jumped out, leaving their backpacks in the car, and were already running to the front door of the Victorian house where they lived.

Chantal sighed. She always loved her children, but from time to time, she really hated them too.

It was difficult not to fume as she’d walked down the driveway to check the mail. Several bills. A lingerie catalog.

“Yeah, right.” She snorted and flipped past it to find an envelope from the law firm she’d used for her divorce.

“Oh.” It came out as more of a squeak than an actual word. She broke the seal on the envelope and pulled out the document, reading only the first couple of lines before folding it and sticking it back into the stack of mail.

Her ten-year marriage was truly over.

The roller coaster of an emotional mess she’d been on lately plummeted, a fast and sickening drop she hadn’t seen coming. She uttered a prayer of thanks that the boys had already gone inside. If they’d seen the way she was having to fight back her tears right now, they would refuse to go to Mike’s this weekend. And if they refused, it would escalate into yet another shouting match with her sonofabitch ex-husband that would no doubt make her want to crawl into bed for days. As it was, she simply wiped her eyes, squared her shoulders, and headed into the house with what had to be the world’s craziest fake smile plastered on her face.

“Boys!” She could hear the electronic music from a game on the PlayStation coming from the next room. Chantal dropped her smile and rolled her eyes. There was a strict weekends-only rule for the stupid thing. Mike had bought it for them a couple of months before she’d found out about the affair, and she hated it for way too many reasons to count.

She slipped out of her shoes in front of the door and strode into the den, where the boys were standing with their faces in front of the TV, eyes glued to the screen. Without hesitation, she clicked the TV off and removed the cable from the console so they couldn’t play anymore.

“Hey!” Luke’s eyes were wide and angry, his wiry body stiff with rage. Chantal was about to remind them of the weekend rule when he threw his controller at her, the hard plastic connecting with her forearm. She screamed in pain, ducking her chin and jerking her arm up to cradle it against her chest.

Holy shit, that hurt.

“Mommy. Mommy, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Mommy, I didn’t mean to I was mad and it was an accident and I—” She looked up to see Luke standing inches from her, his face pinched in concern. He was already crying—worried, frustrated tears falling down his still-chubby cheeks.

Owen had backed up to the wall, staring wide-eyed at his mom and brother. Luke’s arms were extended, but he wasn’t quite touching her, as though he were afraid she might turn him away.

What the hell had happened to her family?

The anger fell away and she pulled Luke to her, hugging him tightly. “I forgive you, sweetie. I forgive you.”

He cried in earnest then, great sobs rolling out of his body as she cuddled him and her arm throbbed. She’d known he was having a hard time with the divorce. Luke had always been a hotbed of emotion, but instead of the intense joy he used to show so readily, this past year he’d been constantly lashing out with anger. And to top it all off, being a single mom meant she had to work to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, but it also meant there was no energy left for them when she got home from a long day.
God. How much longer could they go on like this?

(BRT) The Millionaire Makeover by Naima Simone

The Millionaire Makeover (Bachelor Auction, #2)  
Book Title: The Millionaire Makeover
Series: Bachelor Auction 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Naima Simone

Book Overview

He promised to stay away…but some promises are made to be broken

Plain-Jane computer programmer Khloe Richardson needs a date—one to make the prince of her dreams jealous. Maybe then he'll finally see her as a desirable swan and not the ugly duckling in the second office from the left.

But when she bids on a bachelor at a charity auction, the man she wins is millionaire Niall Hunter—who once made intense, passionate love to her and then left without a word. She's determined not to let her guard down again—among other things—around the infamous Irish lothario.

Niall never imagined his penance for one hot-as-hell night with his best friend’s little sister would be transforming her from a shy wallflower to a sultry siren. Helping her attract another man is torture...especially when he promised his friend he’d stay away. Plus, she wants forever, and he's not a forever kind of guy. But Niall can't stop wanting her. Can't stop touching her. Can't stop, period. And damn if he can remember why he has to...

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

I can't even begin to tell everyone how in love I am with the storyline. The very first time I read the blurb my eyes were literally shinning with hearts. I just wanted to have the book as soon as possible.

At first I literally thought it was going to be the bachelor that would change in the book, in a sense he has changed, but it turns out he was the one who changed his best friend's sister. I was so jumpy during the first few chapters in the book because I was really that excited on how their relationship will turn out. I was happy I got the ending I wanted and the ending the characters deserved but I was not in favor of how Niall took things. I was so so mad because he was prolonging his agony I feel like I was going to cry in anger.

I loved it. The book was exactly what I thought it would be and I wouldn't change a thing. It's definitely worth the read!

(BRT) Chameleon Soul by Mia Hoddell

Chameleon Soul (Chequered Flag, #1)  
Book Title: Chameleon Soul
Series: Chequered Flag 1
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Author: Mia Hoddell

Book Overview

After one fateful night, Raine Wilkins’ life has never been the same…

Two years into a relationship with Formula 1 driver Teo Coates, Raine walks out of his life without offering an explanation. To shield him from horrifying events that are best kept secret, Raine breaks her own heart and the heart of the man she loves. And left with no choice, Teo is forced to abandon Raine to finish his race season.

However, Teo always wins, and losing Raine’s heart has only made him more determined to reclaim it…

Now, a year later, he’s back, and she’s his only goal. But Raine is no longer the same girl he left behind; she’s broken by the past and struggling to cope with each day. Unbearable memories have her nights plagued with fear, while her days are spent deliberately hiding away to avoid triggering full-blown panic attacks. Therefore, when Teo returns as England’s favourite driver, and demands answers, all of Raine’s careful planning is destroyed.

She is thrown into the one place she never wants to be—the spotlight.

Her newfound fame as Teo’s public girlfriend raises old dangers, and exposes her to a group who will stop at nothing to tear them apart. If Raine and Teo are to be together, they must confront their past. However, only Raine knows the truth behind what happened during that sinister night, and revealing her secrets may cause Teo to leave for good.​

My Review

Mia Hoddell and her books is not a stranger to me. I have read some of her works and I am very well pleased by them. Chameleon soul is just one of those great books that makes me feel relieved I read them.

I was not so in love with it but I was also not, even remotely close, to thinking it was a bad read. I remember feeling angry at both characters one time because they were both looking and feeling stupid to me.

Raine is traumatized by what happened to her and well, letting go of Teo was her solution. To be honest, when I learned what happened I instantly told myself that she was dumb and that even though what happened to her was horrible I don't think it will turn her into what she was portrayed in the book. I mean, it was mentioned that she was a bubbly lady before that night but, I just, I did not like the thought of her getting worse a year later.

I loved the story line and I loved Teo though I did not get to understand his withdrawal in the end. I am not really keen on Raine but she was surprisingly strong in her state. I would definitely recommend the book to a friend.


“Raine, wait!”

Footsteps thundered behind me, forcing me to run faster as my vision began tunnelling. Bouncing off the walls as I rounded corners, I attempted to trace my steps back to the exit through the labyrinth of hallways.

I could hear the footsteps growing louder, as if Nadine was right on my heels, but I couldn’t look without losing my rhythm.

Abruptly, I was jerked to a stop by a hand on my wrist. I spun at the touch, flinging my back against the wall with a scream. My movements were too fast to take anything in.

“What the f*** are you doing here?” The voice that snarled the words was not Nadine’s. Even full of malice I could never forget his tone. Despite that, my brain was no longer thinking logically.

I raised my hands instinctively to shield my face, the line between reality and my memories blurring. The brightly lit corridor was too tight and darkness encroached from every corner.

I was back in the alley. The rough bricks bit into my spine as I cowered into the building praying I could make myself invisible.

“No, not again,” I whimpered, my hands shaking. “Please, not again.”

In my mind they were coming at me, closing the distance.

No matter how tiny I made myself they could still see me.

“Don’t hurt me. Let me go!” White-hot panic rose in my chest, consuming me and fuelling the memory. Everything felt so similar, I wasn’t even seeing what was really in front of me.

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