New Year?


Why do people make New Year's Resolution?
Google: A New Year's resolution is a decision to do or not do something in order to accomplish a personal goal or break a habit. It comes at a time when people look back at the past year and make an effort to improve themselves as the new year begins

My New Year's Resolution

Okay, so there I was watching a Harry Potter movie a few hours before the clock strikes 12 AM. I was so focused but all of the sudden I had the urge to open my facebook account and viola, all posts were about how they are going to be better next year, how they'll change and be an inspiration and all that jazz.

Honestly, I had no intention of making this list but I realized that I'm old enough now, I could do what I want now that I'm of age so what's stopping me from making a list of resolutions? Of course when I wrote this things down I swore in my mind that I'm doing it. I have heard and experienced that 95% if not 90% of the world's population would fail to accomplish their sworn new years resolution but, as a start of what I can feel is going to be a marvelous year I decided to give it another go. (I've only tried this one other time and that didn't go well but there is absolutely no harm in trying.)

This is my new year's resolution list but I have no doubt that we have more or less the same new year's resolution. If not, then allow me to share what I want to change for my self this year.

1. Lose weight

Oh, of course this would be number one. I have serious weight issues before but at present I am actually loving myself. I mean, everyone wants to look sexy and hot and I have been wanting to lose weight so bad. I weight around 70-73 kg and even though that's my real weight I look like I'm 20 kg heavier. With my busy schedule and school I just couldn't find time to exercise that's why this year I thought of giving it my all and lose at least a few pounds. This is like the most mainstream new year's resolution because every one just couldn't resist gaining weight.

2. Save Money

 Another thing that so hard to achieve for me is saving money. Even on normal days I vow to save money but I just can't and this year, there are so major things that is happening. I'm going to travel and i'm surely going to spend a lot in the middle of the year so I really really need to save as early as right now.

3. Be Punctual and Organized
On the organized side I have to say I'm doing well. I have been writing everything I need to do so I won't forget it and I arrange all my things so that I could remember where everything is but, I just started this one around the last quarter of last year so I still need to see if I could carry out until a whole year.

Being Punctual however is a big problem, If I leave 2 hours early or not I ended up getting to my destination late. Why? I have been asking myself the same thing. It's either the traffic is crazy or the Public Transpo is full. This year, when class starts, I promised I will be earlier than I usually am. I hope.

4. Avoid Procrastination

I love to procrastinate but just now, I thought it's a very very bad habit. It's already bad that I am always late, submitting things late is even worse. But I've only submitted a paper late once and I have already forgiven myself for that, it's the chores and things that I need to do which I think isn't important is where my procrastination activates. I've got so many things planned this year and I think I'm going to be depressed if I don't stop this habit ASAP.

5. Stick to the goal

What is the goal? The goal is for be a better me. The goal is NY. The goal is to be an inspiration. JK. The goal is to be responsible and be mature. Now that I feel like it's time to branch out and explore more things, I need to be more reliable and responsible. I could only imagine how hard I'm going to take it if I fail to accomplish the things that are on my bucket lists this year. 

If we could just have that determination, that focus, that drive to get whatever it is that we wish to achieve I have no doubt that we could already be a better version of ourselves. Truthfully, we don't really need to make a list but in making such, we will be able to inspire ourselves and therefore, we will have a place to start for a change. I mean, the change starts with me, right?

PS: There are 20 things on my list but for this year, I wanted to focus on this 5.