(BRT) Unleashed by Callie Harper

Unleashed: Volume 1  
Book Title: Unleashed: Volume 1
Series: Unleashed
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Callie Harper 

Book/Movie Overview

I never thought I’d see her again. The one I couldn’t have, the one I’d never forget. When I met her I had nothing, a lowly ranch hand working on her daddy’s land. She was the golden girl up on the hill, sexy as hell but beyond my reach. Now, like all my fantasies realized, she’s come to me for help.
I’m a bastard, ruthless in pursuit of my goals. My cold, hard drive has made me what I am today, amassing wealth and power. A good guy would help her, then send her on her way with a handshake and a smile. I’m not a good guy. I’m going to make a bargain and hold her to it.
One week. I’ll bail her out, pay off all her debts, but only after she gives herself to me completely. Seven days and seven nights of no-holds-barred submission to my dominance. I’m a demanding man with dark, relentless appetites. She’s unleashed the beast in me and I won’t stop until I possess all of her.

Six years ago he broke my heart. Now, with nowhere else to turn, I’ve put myself at his mercy. He’s the ultimate alpha male, commanding and controlling, and I’ve agreed to let him use me as his plaything for a week. I’m terrified of how he’ll take me, what he’ll make me do to serve all of his needs.
I’ve got to keep this week all business. It needs to stay a transaction, pure and simple, no emotions in play. I’m scared as hell about the power he wields over me.
Because I have a dirty secret. I’ve never gotten over him. I’ll fight hard to keep up all my defenses even as he melts them down. But the truth is that the thought of serving him has me panting, wet and practically begging for everything he has planned.

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

I'm going to keep this short and straight. Unleashed was hot. The chemistry with both characters were definitely there. I love that this was told on both Past and Present. And I loved how everything changed the way it did. It felt like their world really did rotate. With Declan having the wealth he has, it's only up to Kara to take or leave his condition and trust me, that's where it all became scorching hot.

I can't wait for the second installment though. I'm excited to dive in and see what other things Callie Harper has installed for me when it comes to Kara and Declan!

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