(BRT) Ethan's Fall by Dee Palmer

Ethan's Fall  
Book Title: Ethan's Fall
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Author: Dee Palmer
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Book/Movie Overview

They say once bitten…

Ethan Cates is anything but shy. A little time away from his playboy playground has hardened his heart. After returning from his travels, he has every intention of keeping it locked away. This summer his plan is for the three S’s: Sun, Sea and Surf…It’s just not his entire plan. Three more S’s: Sex, Sex, and more Sex. Ethan loves women. He is just never going to love only one woman; this summer he is on a mission to prove it.

Twice shy…

Everyone has a story but not everyone wants to tell about it. Ada is hiding and has no choice but to stay that way, because she needs to find the person who means the most to her more than her next breath. If she is found and identified, she knows she will never get that chance. It’s not a life choice; this is self-preservation. She’s lost too much to give up now.

For the first time since moving to the small coastal town, Ada feels isolated in her opinion of Ethan, the town’s favourite prodigal son. He is arrogant, rude, and a complete arse to her. But, the first time in forever, Ada is distracted by a man who seems to delight in torturing, teasing, and playing a game Ada can’t afford to lose--- one she can’t afford to play at all.

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

I am in love. This was the book that I was reading before the last year ended and it was perfect. And as I am writing this Review right now my feet are bouncing up and down with excitement. Saying that I love the book would be an understatement. I feel like it hit every right spot and every thing the author wants to address, I caught it.

Dee has had a rough life, still is living a rough life, really rough that up until this minute my heart is still breaking because of the years she missed and all the things she's been through. Ethan's an ass. I remember being angry at him when it all started but every time they push and pull each other it was really cute and worth it. The emotions were chaotic and both characters were hilarious trying to grip on the control that they have on them selves. Oh, and their foreplay is cute.

The satisfaction that I felt when I finished the book was more than bliss. Seriously, I feel like I smiled and exhaled a lot of times while reading the book. The betrayal, the distrust, the strength and the lust, I felt it all in this book. For me it was perfectly written and the book does not only have intense romance but it also possesses humor and so much resistance. I loved it. I have not read any book from the author before and I am seriously impressed.

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