(BRT) The Art of Deception by Eve Newton

The Art of Deception  
Book Title: The Art of Deception
Genre: Erotic Romance
Author: Eve Newton
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Book Overview

Matthew Edwards III was content with his ordered life as a rich, dynamic CEO, until he saw the strawberry blonde woman with the enchanting eyes, and she was all he could think about. He couldn't believe his luck when he kept running into her, but something was off: she never even glanced in his direction, but it just made him want her even more. What lengths would he go to just for her to notice him?

Cat Landry was content with her messy, but fun, life as a low level art consultant, until she was handed an opportunity that she couldn't refuse. She took the chance to become someone else, someone that she aspired to be and she was loving it... until it backfired on her and she lost everything.

Their paths kept crossing, but soon they were in too deep, each with their own deception. Would it be too late to come clean and salvage what they each sought or has the damage been done?

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

Why is it that every time a person doesn't like you, you feel the need to give them something so that they will eventually like you? From being someone whom she tries to avoid she became his obsession. I found it funny at first and then all of the sudden it became cute. This was like a quick and fun read. Mistaken identity. That's something that the book poses that's why I found it so amusing and enjoyable.

There is no doubt about the chemistry that these two has, I mean they were literally feeling some intense issues before they engage with each other. For a fast paced book, the characters sure did matured just as fast. I wasn't very keen on both personalities when I started the book but it has gotten better. They've become more open but I have to be honest, I actually thought the book was going somewhere else other than what was written. I genuinely enjoyed the book and for a first read from Eve Newton it wasn't so bad.

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