(BRT) Absolution by LP Lovell and Stevie J. Cole

Book Title: Absolution
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Author: LP Lovell and Stevie J. Cole

Book Overview


I pray to be forgiven for my sins, but the prayers of someone like me won't dare breach the edge of heaven.

Sins. All sins are equal in the eyes of God, but I'm not God. Some sins are far more wretched than others. And those sinners should pay, Evelyn. One sinner made me his sin, and I can't let men like him live. They must face their judgement, Evelyn. I want to kill them. Every. Last. One.

Ezra James is no different, and I wanted to kill him, I needed to kill him, I'm was going to kill him...And then I found myself fascinated by him, obsessed and possessed in the most reverent of ways. I became his sinner, and he became my sin, but the wages of sin is death, so I must kill him.


The son of a whore, raised by gangsters, moulded into a key player in a corrupt world ruled by money and completely without morals.

This world can break a person. I’ve seen it time and time again. I never gave a shit, until the night I watched a man drop dead at the feet of a woman so broken she made even me feel whole. My little killer called to my depravity and everything in me demanded that I take her, possess her, own her.

Some monsters hide behind the faces of angels, where others stand in plain sight.

Damned. Broken. Irredeemable.

Through blood, absolution shall be found.

My Review

*ARC Provided for an Honest Review*

I don't even know how to feel right now. I'm telling you, please read the note's and warnings. You have to believe me when I say this was absolutely not what I was expecting. Of course I expected it to be dark and rough but the world that I stepped in to when I started reading the book is like a different dimension. I am still not over it until now, and it's been hours since I've read it.

I could not even begin to tell you how fucked up Ezra and Evie's lives are. Fucked up but they manage to live. At one point I even concluded that these aren't people. These are scary as F monsters. I have never read anything as dark as this book before and it made me realize how scary love and obsession can be. It was not all about cuteness and it wasn't all about the intensity of love, it was all about control, boundaries, a kind of satisfaction and obsession.

WHEN you read the book, please remember to be open minded. I am not even sure how I managed to write this review but I am sure that my open-mindedness and curiosity got me through the end of the book. I have to be honest, I skipped some parts because I just couldn't take it but I braved the rest of it and the feeling that I got to finish a book as meaningful and as great as this made me pretty effing satisfied with myself. It was worth the read! I've read books from these authors before and I could honestly say that they do not disappoint! They deliver perfectly and I love them for that.

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