(BRT) Worth The Chase by JL Beck

Worth the Chase  
Book Title: Worth The Chase
Series: Worth It 1
Genre: New Adult
Author: JL Beck

Book Overview

Gia King was more than tired of living under her father’s thumb. The Mafia King turned FBI agent was overly protective of her every move and college was her one and only savior. Going to Auburn University was her dream, and she couldn’t wait to be free. She was going to let her hair down and shuck the good girl appearance for a new side—a darker, sexier, and ten times worse, Gia. She was ready to push the boundaries. 

Chase Winchester was a God. No, seriously. Women all across campus sighed heavily when their eyes stumbled across him. He was arrogant, sexy, and he knew it. AU was just another reason for him to spread his feathers and dip his fingers into some prime sorority girls. 

Until Gia King came into his life, knocking him right on his ass. She was everything a man would want and yet, somehow, she was off limits. There was no way he could force himself to take her, unless she truthfully wanted him. 

College, romance, and two families who were hell bent on being enemies. Can love between these two really transpire or will everyone else have the last say. 

Sometimes you have to chase what you want.

My Review

This was more of an 'Yeah Okay' read than a 'Good' read. Yeah it was all hot and rough but the overall story didn't satisfy me. It kind of felt a bit fast and forced for me like I just read the book in one sitting, watch as they try to push and pull each other then in the cheesiest way possible fall back to sex

Chase's feelings were really too fast and unbelievable. I didn't even believe he has a reputation because it wasn't always mentioned, i mean it was but only when Gia is insecure. And she was so so insecure. But, the fire and explosion they share when they are together is very interesting.

Now, I thought the book was well written and for some it might be hot and perfect but, it just didn't do it for me. Story-lines like this are my thing and when the book started I thought that I was going to really really like this book but yeah, as I've said it rushed out for me. Also, There was no 'boom' factor and that's what I was really waiting for.

I haven't really read any book from this author but I'll try and read her previous books that is connected to this series cause I feel like I'd like those more than this.