August Favorites

My Bae's, August has been a really fun month for me. I created my own blog, we had our intramurals week, I enjoyed the bombing feud between Nicki and Miley and then there was the VMA's. (Which I'd have yet to comment to and I don't think I will.) Yesterday, while everyone was having fun at the VMA's I was stressed as hell cause my tooth filling broke. Immediately, I asked my doctor for a schedule and repaired my filling. I was so scared cause I didn't know what to do. I am that patient. You know, the kind who stresses out and wants the freaking appointment to just be done already so I can go back to my normal life with no worries and no shitty stuff happening to me. I hate going to the doctors. *sighs*

Anyways, back to the original topic of this blog post. The Month has come to its sad end and for some parts of the world it's back to school. But, in my country its the 4th month (September) of school. I'd just like to hash out my favorites for this month if you'd allow me.

School Sucks Muscle Tank