In Bed With Her Best Friend by Eden Proctor Book Review

In bed with her best friend  
Book Title: In bed with her best friend
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Eden Proctor

Book Overview

One night. That’s all I needed.
One night to rid me of my pesky…problem…so I could hit the dating scene and find someone to love. And who else could I ask for help but my best friend?
It’s not like anything could ever happen between us. I’m a geeky, curvy wedding photographer. A hopeless romantic.
Eric is gorgeous, commanding, a total cynic when it comes to love—and completely out of my league.
So it should have been perfect. And it was, beyond my wildest dreams…until I broke his one and only rule:
No feelings.

My Review

So these types of genres is one of the top 5 reasons why I read. Best friends to lovers story lines are probably one closest to real life, or so I think. But, when it came to this book it felt kind of off for me and it was also rushed. I don't know but the hero just seems off to me even if it was written in an alternating point of view and well, the heroine, realistically came off desperate even after the did the deed.