Secondary Colors by Aubrey Brenner Book Review

Secondary Colors  
Book Title: Secondary Colors
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Aubrey Brenner

Book Overview

Love is weakness.
Love is unkind.
Love is selfish.
I know better than anyone else. Having made the mistake once before, I refuse to give myself to anyone, body or mind. My heart isn’t even an option. Fresh out of college, I plan to spend my final summer home in the small town of Aurora, New Hampshire with my loving, flighty mother and old friends, my eyes set on the future. That’s before I’m welcomed home by a beautifully flawed drifter, in search of his own. It’s hardly love at first sight. More like loathe. He creeps under my skin from the moment he refuses to acknowledge my existence.
But, it’s hard to deny there’s something in the way he watches me, the way his presence calms and electrifies me, bringing something dead inside to life again. He’s been jaded by his own loss and heartache. It’s burned into his very being. I want to know Holt Turner—and that terrifies me to death.

My Review

The twists in this book was unexpected to say the least. But what is even more unexpected is that I actually thought she was going to make the same mistakes twice. What that mistake is, is for you to discover and for me to know.

The characters were very strong and the heroine has so much passion that I couldn't help but actually feel her. To my very bones. Okay, that's a bit exaggerated but she was so full of hope and love and I don't know, everything but she wasn't very social and even if that is a fact she's still something. The hero on the other hand was closed off. It's probably the reason why I couldn't give the book the perfect stars because up until the end of the story, he was a mystery to me. And I don't like ending a book without getting in deep with the characters, it's what drives me to read; the different personalities and life stories. Anyway, he's shared some but I want to know more, I want a limelight on him and not only focus on the heroine even if, for the most part, this is her story. 

I really liked how everything went about. The closures and acceptances was gratifying and the ending was just, sigh. This book is worth the read from cover to cover.