I'm one of everyone who got sucked in by the books online. I have had a blog before with 3 other people but it did not became as successful as we wanted it to be. So now I decided to start my own Blog and I hope to God this will get noticed by the people online. If it doesn't, I'll still treasure this blog and continue sharing in it.
Brief story...
When I was sixteen I got the Percy Jackson Series as a present and I was so excited cause I saw the movie and I was ecstatic to find out what happens next. Let me just tell you that reading the series felt like one of my glory moments and I have discovered my love books from then on. When I graduated High School my mom bought me the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy I fell in love with it that I finished the whole series in just 5 days. Since then, I never looked back.
I'm hoping to help a lot of Authors to promote their books through my reviews and I'm praying that one day every person in this world will learn to love books and know it's importance. Not just the kinds of books I read and post here but all Books in General.
I also hope that everyone who visits this blog would love it and be inspired by it cause I love everything I share here and I assure everyone that every review I post is mine.
Izney (Queen Dummy)