October Vevo Top 5

There has been a lot of great songs that came out this month so I decided to make a blog post about these most viewed videos on Youtube and tell you guys what I thought about it.

This are my thoughts on the top 5 most viewed music videos via Vevo on YouTube. By the time this post is up the youtube views of all videos might have changed but as of Nov. 7, 2015 these are the top 5 and I am basing it on that day. :)

1. Hello

Okay let's be honest, Adelle is an Icon. An inspiration. She's like, one of those artist who made a huge impact on everyone with all of her heartfelt songs and her comeback single after years is just as strong as the first ones she's released. As of this moment it has a 249, 010, 143 views in just two weeks. That is absolutely insane.

Obviously, the song is about a person who left, came back and hoping for a reconciliation. A song of regret. Of course, who isn't going to love this one? I probably replayed this song a thousand times since it come out (We all did!). I even had a moment where I got teary eyed when I first listened to this because this one really really cut me deep. There were a lot of things that came back to me after listening to this and they weren't all good. I think the MO of the video is great and the song is very much perfect. I am just excited to get Adelle's new album and have a feast with it and I know everyone will buzz about it when it came out :D

2. Sorry

Where the hell is Justin in this video? Yep, that was the first question I had when I was watching the video but crazy dance steps though. If I have to rank JB's recent releases song wise; Sorry would have to be number 1, followed by 'What do you mean' then 'I'll Show You' but music video wise; 'What do you mean' would obviously rank 1st then 'I'll show You' and lastly, 'Sorry'. I know, him not being in the 'Sorry' MV really bugged me because this is my number 1 favorite song in his album and him not having even a second of appearance in the video is a bit sad.

Talk about another Regret Song. hmmm. Is that really how it is in October because I just noticed it now. Anyway, I am not really a huge fan of Justin Bieber and I don't really care much about his where and what abouts but I do care about his music because he makes great songs. Oh, and his songs seems to be growing up with him too so that's a great path I guess.

3. Focus

She looks absolutely stunning in this video like, WOW. I love the song and I thought that it has a really great message on those people who judge her. There is still that flooring (you know, where she's on the floor and the camera focuses on her) though and is that box concept really a trend this year?

Anyway, I love her in platinum hair plus every time the camera focuses on her face she looks flawless. When I first I heard the song I thought it was very celebrity like but I can't help but feel like I expected a lot in the video though. But, I can't lie, I expected a lot for the new video. For me it was great but at some point simple. I mean, with all the PR's she did with this new single who wouldn't expect a bombing vid? I liked it anyway. *And did you see that fall she did at the last part of the video? That is exactly how she died on her scream episode. Just saying.*

4. Hotline Bling

I don't know why this song makes me want to move my head so much. I thought Drake was so funny dancing in the video. Sometimes he's even out of timing but, oh well. I think the girl at the beginning is so irrelevant but the Hotline girls were.

The song I couldn't really relate much but the jam is really catchy and I think that is one of the reasons why I was one of those people who replayed this songs. A lot.

5. Perfect

This is definitely Taylor Swift. If you think not, Harry's moment is obviously a dead giveaway. I am a direction (just laying this out in the open). I feel like after all these years they've really gotten better and better every time.

You can't even tell that Zayn left. I mean, you can cause they sound absolutely better and less crowded now but vocals wise, their voices sounds almost alike that it seems like they didn't lost one member. I think the video is awesome and now, after having 'strong' as my favorite, this is now my new one. I just... I just think this song is perfect and I love how their music is changing and growing. Gah, fan girl emotions.

What do you think?